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Heliventures Helicopter Services

While flight training and tours is Heliventure’s specialty, we do offer other services as well.

Helicopter Charters & Tours

Utility Work

Heliventures’ Utility work has included but is not limited too, power line survey, pipe line survey, proposed right of way survey and post disaster inspections.

Heliventures uses our helicopters to provide you with the best aerial filming and monitoring of power lines, pipe lines, proposed right of ways and post disaster inspections by flying lower, slower and with better visibility than fixed wing aircraft.

Heliventures provides airborne patrol and survey services throughout the country. We offer both piston ad turbine helicopters that can cover most any of your survey needs. Heliventures utilizes the GEO Enabled Cineflex, FLIR color video.

IR Camera and GEO Enabled Nikon still camera system to record problem areas and encroachments power line and pipe line right of ways. GEO Enabled video, IR and still capture is also used when surveying post disaster areas for utility and infrastructure damage.

Heliventures GEO Enabled technology lets us go out and capture data, return home base and then upload the data to the customer.

Flight Training


Heliventures is an approved Robinson R44 Maintenance Facility. Convenience, experience and quality of work are what you expect when it comes to you and your aircraft. Heliventures can deliver on all that and more.

Our Facility is located at the Concord Regional Airport (KJQF), which is located 10 miles from Downtown Charlotte, NC. Our mechanics are factory trained on the R22, R44 and R66 Helicopters. They have over 30 years of rotor and fixed wing experience.

If you need maintenance support for a helicopter model other than Robinson, then we can still help. Heliventures mechanics are also Bell Helicopter, Airbus Helicopter, MD Helicopter and Sikorsky Factory trained.

Questions? Contact us Today.