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Advanced Helicopter Training School

Heliventures offers courses for all skill levels, including advanced helicopter training school programs. Read more about our helicopter flight school here. Our advanced helicopter pilot training schools will help you get certified and ensure your training is on par with your skill level. Learn about our advanced helicopters school courses:



A Private Pilot Certificate with a Helicopter rating. The Turbine Transition course is a 2-day course that is taught in our Bell 206 Jetranger Helicopter by one of our Bell Factory Trained Pilots. Turbine time is not something that a low time student has to have in their logbook, but it looks good on a resume. Once a Pilot reaches around 1000 hours of piston PIC time and is hired by a commercial operator, then that operator will most likely transition that Pilot into their turbine helicopters to their standards.

Courses Included the Following:

  • 5 hours of dual instruction in the Bell 206 Jetranger. $900/hr – $4,500
  • 10 hours of ground instruction. $50/hr – $500

Total – $5,000.00



A Private Pilot Certificate with a Helicopter rating. The Mountain training course is a 3-day advanced helicopter training course that will prepare the student to fly in high altitude environments. Understanding how the Mountain environment can affect your helicopter will make you a safer pilot. The Mountain training course will take you to the highest peak on the east coast where you will learn the skills that you need to fly your helicopter safely and confidently in Mountainous terrain. These unique flying skills will be a valuable asset throughout your flying career.

Course includes the following:

  • 10 hours of high altitude dual instruction. $550/hr – $5,500
  • 10 hours of high altitude ground instruction. $50/hr – $500

Total – $6,000.00



A Private Pilot Certificate with a Helicopter rating. The External Load training course is a 4-day course that will prepare the student to fly a cargo hook equipped helicopter used for sling load operations. Many Helicopter jobs involve carrying external loads and the skills it takes to carry those loads need advanced training. The student will learn specialized maneuvers using 25 foot, 50 foot and 100 foot lines. These maneuvers include take offs, landings, approaches, arresting techniques, rapid decelerations and precision placements with loads attached to the aircraft.

Helicopter Training School Course Includes:

  1. 15 hours of External Load dual instruction. $?
  2. 10 hours of External Load ground instruction. $?

Total – $? For more information about our advanced helicopter training school, call Heliventures today!

All prices are subject to change without notice. Costs are based on FAA minimums. There may be additional costs incurred during training that are not listed above. If you want to learn to fly a helicopter in a relaxed setting, call our helicopter training school today!

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