1What is an Intro Flight?
A Intro Flight is a flight that we offer that lets you see what flying a helicopter is all about without worrying about enrolling or paying a high fee for a normal instructional flight.
2How much does helicopter flight instruction cost?
Average cost for Private, Commercial and Certified Flight Instructor ratings all together costs $90,000.
3Can I get financing for my helicopter training?
Yes. Pilot finance Inc. AOPA, Virgin Money and your Local Bank are great sources for financing your training.
4Does Heliventures require full payment for my helicopter rating up front?
No. You can pay per flight or put money into a pre-paid account with us.
5What books do I need to get?
Our helicopter flight school provides you with all the necessary books and study material to get you through your private, commercial and flight instructor ratings.
6How old do I have to be to get my license?
You can begin your training with us as early as age 13 but you will not be able solo until you are 16 and you will not be able to get your license until you turn 17.
7I have a job and a family. Can I still train with Heliventures?
Yes. We are very flexible when it comes to your schedule. We fly when you can fly.
8When can I start my training at the helicopter flight school?
Anytime. Heliventures is flexible when it comes to when you would like to start.
9Are Helicopters harder to fly than Airplanes?
No, it is not harder to learn to fly a helicopter, helicopters are just different. The helicopter looks more complex than an airplane, which is why most people are usually more impressed by a helicopter pilot than an airplane pilot. The time it takes to achieve your helicopter rating is the same as it takes to get an airplane rating.
10Can a helicopter continue to fly when the engine quits?
Yes. You as a pilot will be trained to perform an “Auto Rotation” which allows the helicopter to continue to fly and land safely even if the engine fails.
11Do you need an Airplane license to get a Helicopter license?
No. There is no prior experience necessary to learn to fly a helicopter and attaining your helicopter rating.
12Do you hire your graduates?
Heliventures cannot guarantee employment but if there were a need for a CFI at the time of or around the time of your graduation then yes we would possibly hire you.