Helicopter Career Info

Pursuing a helicopter pilot career can be one of the most rewarding occupations in the world. The job is ever changing and the challenges grow with each and every job you fly a helicopter. Preparing for a helicopter career is not easy, it requires a lot of passion, study, research and observation of the industry and flight practice via a helicopter flight school. Before enrolling in flight school, you should consider the helicopter pilot career path. It is still a great and viable career, but you have to be flexible about relocation and be patient in finding a job. If you think this is odd and that you should have a job waiting for you when you get done is not a good attitude to have when starting your training. Are you guaranteed a job after graduating college with a degree? No, but if you work hard and stay focused, then things will eventually work out for you. The helicopter pilot career path is not much different from the college graduate career path. You have to be willing to work your way up from the bottom at the helicopter training school as you learn to fly a helicopter and be respectful and gain as much knowledge you can from your industry during your helicopter pilot training.
In the past, the total time required before you could embark on your helicopter pilot career was around 3000 hours. However, these days, the time requirements have come down dramatically. A Helicopter Pilot today is looking at around 200-500 hours to get a job as a flight instructor and around 800-1000 hours for a commercial pilot position. The reasons for these reductions in time requirements are because the majority of new pilots looking start their helicopter pilot career are being trained in the civil market and the pilots from the Military are not leaving the service like in years past. In some cases, the civilly trained pilots do not have the same opportunities to log as much time and experience as their Military counterparts. The helicopter industry has had to adapt to these changes to be able to fill pilot positions. The training standards and quality of training from most helicopter pilot training schools are far better now than 20-30 years ago. Because the quality of training those civilly trained pilots are receiving these days are why it is now a little easier for a helicopter operator's insurance company to cover a lower time pilot. All of this means that pursuing a helicopter pilot career is a much more attainable prospect for non-military personnel.
Pay can vary widely for helicopter pilot jobs, based on the type of position and the pilot’s experience after completion of helicopter flight school. Full time entry-level positions typically pay in the $20,000 – $30,000 range. While the highest paying positions, which are reserved for the most experienced pilots, can be well into the six-figure salary range. The working conditions for a particular job also have an impact on the pay associated with the position. The most dangerous jobs and those that require employees to spend extended periods of time away from home can pay a bit higher than other types of helicopter pilot positions. Some professional pilots enjoy teaching others how to a fly at a helicopter flight school. No other form of aviation can provide the same experience you get as a helicopter pilot. Being able to fly low and slow, landing in a forest clearing or on top of a mountain, the helicopter can do things and go places that no other aircraft can safely perform. It is this flexibility and versatility that makes it possible for helicopters to be used all over the world to perform a wide variety of missions, thereby creating multiple career paths for a helicopter pilot. Whether it is flying a search and rescue helicopter, taking oil workers to an oil rig, or hauling logs out of a forest, helicopter pilots perform some of the most demanding and challenging jobs in the world. Our helicopter flight school can teach you these skills. If you would like a career that you wont mind getting out of bed in the morning for, that makes you happy, that is rewarding and challenges you in everyway, then becoming a helicopter pilot might be the right job for you! Heliventures is one of the best helicopter pilot training schools in the US!

Helicopter Jobs:

This is a list of some of the most popular Helicopter Pilot Jobs:

  • Law Enforcement Pilot
  • EMS Pilot
  • Motion Picture Pilot
  • Agricultural Pilot
  • Construction Pilot
  • Fire Fighting Pilot
  • Oil Rig Pilot
  • TV News Pilot
  • Corporate Pilot
  • Tour Pilot
  • Search and Rescue Pilot